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Logistics for Business Defined: Importance Role & Benefits

What is logistics management? Effective logistics management It is not just about service, but more about building a relationship and fully engaging with the customer. So always remember that unless your customer service is outstanding, you won’t have a very good reputation, which is the most important aspect of any business nowadays. 55% of representatives, who, even though they emphatically differ about being content with their employments, also buckle down for clients. Their perspective behind serving clients is not so much

Automatic text summarization based on semantic analysis approach for documents in Indonesian language IEEE Conference Publication

Decoding Semantic Analysis: The Fundamental Principles Behind AI-Driven Text Understanding The results derived using the dataset revealed that both frameworks performed better than traditional deep learning techniques. Furthermore, the performance of the first fusion model was noted to be much better as compared to the second model in regards to accuracy and F1-metric. In recent days, social media platforms are flooded with posts related to covid-19. However, text mining is a wide research field and there is a lack of